Bicester School Young Leaders

As a student of The Bicester School, I am grateful for another year that I am able to practice my leadership skills, qualities and responsibilities at Brookside Primary School. My peers and I  fully acknowledge the opportunity we have been given by Brookside Primary for their willingness and kindness during our visits. My peers and I would also like to thank the inspiring, determined, caring Mrs. Masterson for her triumphant victory in getting us these chances and helping us plan and organize our lessons. Alongside Mrs. Masterson, was the rest of  the PE Department who boosted our confidence with their supportive words. Brookside Primary Staff as well as the PE Department are astounding role models, with great qualities and skills, Year 11 all wish to gain.

Being in a real live situation, where our Leadership is tested by others besides ourselves is frantic, yet joyful. Experiences such as this only further our knowledge on how good leaders react to situation and the different qualities they have. I believe I can speak for all Year 11' s when I say growing up is scary. We can barely imagine the difficulties of leaving school and living unsupported, however many of  our role models have been through this themselves, which is why I would like to point out a leadership PE lesson isn't just a leadership PE lesson. Leadership is not just used in sport; the qualities, skills and responsibilities are used in all aspects of life. These lessons allow me and my fellow students to build and flex these abilities. Leadership lessons are a 'life hack' because it allows us to have qualities students from other schools may not necessarily have; it helps us get ahead of the game and brightens our future a little bit more.

 Utilizing my abilities is great and useful but the best part of leadership undoubtedly is meeting the children at Brookside Primary. Their cheery faces and energetic spirits make the lesson much more rewarding. Knowing that the kids enjoyed our lesson and were excited to see us, is a feeling we will never forget. Being role models to a younger group is a big responsibility and a little unusual, since we are used to looking up to our role models and not being role models ourselves. Although this is true, we try to be the best role models possible. Getting to know each individual in fascinating and fun; saying goodbye is not as fun. Who knew you could feel attached after just an hour? Being in the same kind of situation these kids compared to adults allows us to empathize much easier with the children we are paired with. Brookside has been an ideal place for us to use our abilities and build as individuals and leaders.

By Tahira Drakes (Year 11)


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