Kidlington Family Dodgeball Festival

Kidlington Family Dodgeball Event

Over 50 children took part in the first ever Kidlington Primary School Dodgeball Festival.

The aims of the event were; to introduce the students to this exciting sport, help them learn the rules and try out tactics and strategies to help them compete against the other teams.

The event focussed on the value of Honesty; with the aim being that the students by the end would be able to referee themselves.

Each team was assigned a Gosford Hill leader. Each leader warmed up their team, taught them the rules, went through the key skills of catching and dodging through various practices. The leaders then helped referee each game and helped the team devise strategy for their next matches.

By the end of the up down tournament the teams were throwing together, taking catching opportunities and using codes with which to attack the other teams.

The second half of the Festival saw the teams mixed together forming new sides to take part in an exciting four-way Dodgeball competition. Here the students displayed excellent camaraderie with their new team mates working together brilliantly. As each round increased in difficulty the 4 teams rose to the challenge and enjoyed a hugely competitive end to the Dodgeball Festival.

Within each team one person was recognised for their excellent contribution and for displaying unwavering honesty through the competition.

With thanks to the Gosford Hill leaders who did an outstanding job.


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