Transition Leadership Academy

This term the first NOSSP Transition Leadership Academy was launched.  This academy has involved selected Year 7 Blessed George Napier students and Year 5/6 students from Dashwood, Orchard fields and St. John’s Primary Schools.  These students have come together on three occasions to receive specific leadership training to inspire and enthuse them to take on leadership roles within their own Schools.  The Leadership Academy has also developed Young Leaders’ skills, confidence and knowledge to support BGN family festivals and Key Stage 1 competitions at their Schools.

The workshops focused around the importance of demonstration and modelling, giving clear instructions and displaying plenty of enthusiasm.  The Academy members applied these key skills by expertly delivering various relay and skill based activities for over one hundred and eighty children at the BGN Family Year 1 Multi-skills festival.  Some also had an opportunity to test their leadership skills at the BGN Family Year 3/4 Multi-skills festival for over fifty children. Having assisted in the delivery of inter-School festivals, the Academy members are now tasked with planning and leading a Key Stage 1 festival back at their School during the Summer Term.

“I really enjoyed learning new activities and working with the older children.  I feel confident to teach other now.” (Ellie Dashwood)

“It was an enjoyable working with the Year 5/6 Primary Leaders; we worked well together to give the Year 1 children a great time.  I would definitely like to be involved in leading Primary Festivals again.”  (Ben BGN)

The Year 7 BGN leaders were very supportive and we all worked well as a team.  We are looking forward to running our own Year 1 festival at our School.”            (Year 5 Young Leaders Orchard Fields)



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