Southwold Gymnastics House Competition

All classes at Southwold Primary School in Bicester have been working hard in gymnastics this term.  They developed paired sequences with a partner from their newly formed house system.  Each class had their own competition, everbodies score went forward to the house total, and a winner was put forward from each to represent their class in a whole school competition today.

Each pair was judged in 2 categories - difficulty and execution.  

All of the performances were fabulous to watch and the progression in skills through the year groups was very visible.  The winning pair from Foundation and Key Stage One performed a complicated routine with rolls, jumps and carefully held paired balances.  The Key stage 2 winners showed control and poise throughout their routine of backwards straddle rolls and one handed cartwheels.

Well done to Wendover who were the overall winners of the first Southwold Primary School Gymnastics competition!


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