Banbury Academy Family Quadkids

100 children took part in The Banbury Academy Quadkids event on Thursday 16th June.  The Yr. 3/4 and Yr. 5/6 children from Dashwood, Harriers, St. Leonard's and The Grange all competed in 4 events - the standing long jump, the vortex howler throw, the 50m/75m and the 400m/600m.  Distances and times were all worth points and went towards team totals.  The children worked really hard and showed lots of determination throughout the morning to score as many points as they possibly could.

There were many impressive jumps and throws and lots of very exciting races. Once all the points were added up, the results revealed that Dashwood's Yr. 5/6 team and Harrier's Yr. 3/4 team came out on top with The Grange taking second spot in both age groups.  These teams have qualified to represent our area at the finals in a couple of weeks.  Good luck to them and also the individuals who finished in the top 3 who have also qualified.  These were - in the Yr. 5/6 competition, Tassos (Dashwood) and Georgina (St. Leonard's) who finished in 1st place, Josh (Grange 1) and Beth (Dashwood) who finished in 2nd place and Nathaneal (Harriers) and Grace (St. Leonard's) who finished in 3rd place.  In the Yr. 3/4 competition, Kai (Harriers) and Isabel MS (Grange) finaished in 1st place, Edward (Harriers) and Isabel HI (Grange) finished in 2nd place and Arthur (Grange) and Julia (St. Leonard's) finished in 3rd place. 

The event ran very smoothly and thankfully, after a very wet week, the rain stayed away!  Well done to the team of 43 young leaders from Banbury Academy who worked hard all morning to ensure the event was a success!


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