Primary young workforce making a difference!

Schools from across North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership have increased activity levels at lunch-times through the Playground leaders’ programme.  During 2015-16 over six hundred and fifty Year 5 and 6 students from 36 Schools have been trained to deliver lunch-time activities to younger children. 

This has seen a rapid increase in Schools involved in the programme.         During 2014-15, 40% of Partnership Schools had an active Playground leaders’ programme which has increased to 86% during 2015-16.  Many of these Schools have received this training from their SSCo and PE mentor staff (62%) and other Schools have built on their previous support they received from NOSSP staff to deliver their own sustainable in-house training.

Schools have seen many benefits to the programme including promoting a healthy lifestyle, children being more active, learning new skills and improvement in behaviour during play-time.  The young student leaders have also had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, confidence, self-esteem, sense of responsibility, communication and organisational skills.

This term as part of our two Partnership Young Leader Conferences, sixty student Young leaders from fourteen Schools received training as Playground leaders.  These students are now tasked with support of their School to train and inspire their peers to develop their Playground leaders programme within their School.

PE Coordinators advocating the Playground Leaders’ Programme;

The leaders have been fantastic and are enthusiastic to learn new games to play with the children. They have loved all the training received from their PE Mentor and they very much lead the activities on the playground.’                            Becki Lewis (PE Coordinator St. John’s

Many Schools have also seen their Playground leaders support other events within their School.

Impact has already been seen as our Playground leaders have delivered multi-skills Level 1 festival for Sports Relief. The Playground leaders programme has given our pupils the confidence and ideas to deliver festivals in school’                Annelise Gooch (PE Coordinator Dashwood)

There is no doubt Playground leaders is a big hit across North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership and our Young student Playground leaders are really making a difference!



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