Playground leaders increase activity levels

Primary Schools from across North Oxfordshire have increased activity levels at lunch-time through the Playground leaders’ programme.  Schools have seen many benefits to the programme including promoting a healthy lifestyle, children being more active, learning new skills and improvement in bevaviour during play-time.  The young student leaders have also had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, confidence, self-esteem, sense of responsibility, communication and organisational skills 

Following a partnership wide audit; 622 Year 5/6 student leaders from thirty-three Primary Schools (72%) currently have an active Playground leaders’ programme.  North Oxfordshire SSP is on course to surpass last year’s numbers of 668 trained young leaders from 36 Schools. 

In addition the BGN and Banbury Academy of Primary Schools are launching their transition leadership academies this term.  Selected Year 7 students from Blessed George Napier and Banbury Academy along with Year 5/6 students from St. John’s, Orchard Fields, The Grange and Dashwood will come together on three occasions to receive specific leadership training. The aim of the academies is to inspire and enthuse the young leaders to take on leadership roles within their own Schools.  The leaders will attend their first workshop on Thursday 9th March and then support the Year 1 multi-skills festivals for the BGN and Banbury Academy families on Thursday 23rd March and a final work shop in May.


Rory Mawn (SSCo) 


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