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The Grange have recently incorporated a ‘Daily Distance’ into their day.  Classes can go out and complete their 15 minutes at any point of the day in however way they wish.  Some classes have chosen to complete it as a whole group with a leader at the front deciding the pace and the mode of travel. Whereas other classes have been doing it as a personal challenge with the children counting their laps and trying to do a few more each time.  The benefits are endless….not only is it increasing physical activity and fitness, it’s also helping with the children’s concentration levels, moods, behaviour and general wellbeing!   


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Upcoming Events

Warriner Family Large Schools Netball

Date: 27th February 2018
Time: 14:30 PM - 17:00 PM

Youth Sport Trust National PE Conference

Date: 28th February 2018
Time: 08:45 AM - 16:30 PM

Banbury Area Year 5/6 Hockey

Date: 1st March 2018
Time: 09:45 AM - 12:15 PM

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The 7th of March saw Bicester clusters second round of Sportshall athletics. Kings Meadow, Fritwell, Southwold, Chesterton and Five Acres participated in an eight station circuit style event.

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