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Date:  22 May 2019                         Time:  9.30 – 12.30

Venue: The Cooper School

Age Groups: Under 11 (Y5/6)  Under 9 (Y3/4)    

Teams: Min. Team of 4 boys & 4 girls / Max. Squad of 5 boys & 5 girls

Event Purpose/Aim: To give children the opportunity to participate in an inclusive, competitive, fun and enjoy the benefits of athletics.



This is an open entry event; schools are encouraged to enter teams following Intra-School (Level 1) competition.

Schools are invited to enter 3 teams. Please email me if you want to enter more


How to enter: Please enter online at


Deadline for Entry: 8 May 2019



Each team should consist of a minimum of 4 girls and 4 boys, with a maximum of 5 girls and 5 boys being permitted.Each athlete will compete in all of the following events:75m sprint600m runStanding long jumpVortex howler throwEach team should submit a completed declaration sheet prior to the competition beginning.


Additional Information:

School staff are responsible for the behaviour, welfare and safety of their own children and should offer appropriate first aid provision. Please provide your allocated numbers and safety pins to attach numbers to athletes clothing. Photographs may be taken at this event for publicity purposes by North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership and The Cooper School; they may appear on our website, social media pages or as media releases to local press. Please notify the Event Organiser of any students who are not permitted to have photographs taken.



The winning and 2nd place team from each family competition will qualify for the School Sport Partnership Final. In addition, those competitors finishing in the top 3 positions (boys & girls) who are not part of the winning team will also be invited to compete at the SSP final as an individual.


Please note: The number of teams and individuals that qualify from each event will depend on the number of clusters involved. i.e. 1 family = top two teams/3 individuals 2 families = top four teams/6 individuals


The SSP Final will take place on Wednesday 19th June at The Cooper School.  Please enter online at


Further Information:

Please contact Mrs. Suzanne Kirkwood, School Sport Coordinator, [email protected]