Bicester Area In2Hockey Festival Yr 5 & 6

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Event description

Primary Hockey Bicester Area In2Hockey

 Date:  6 February 2020                                                       Time:  14.15 – 17.15

Venue: The Cooper School

Age Groups: Under 11 (Year 5 & 6)       

Teams: min. team of 6 / max. squad of 10

Event Purpose/Aim: It helps young players develop essential, transferable physical skills as well as teamwork skills, leadership skills, independent learning skills, social interaction skills, sportsmanship and fair play.



This is an open entry event; schools are encouraged to enter teams following Intra-School (Level 1) competition.

Schools are initially invited to enter 1 team; we are limited to 16 teams in total due to space and timings.


How to enter: Please enter online at


Deadline for Entry: 29 January 2020

Parking: Please Park on the Netball courts






a. Penalty corners are taken on the back-line on a marker that is 10 metres from each goal-post

b. The players may choose which side of the goal to take the penalty corner


c. The ball can be hit or pushed however a self pass is not permitted

d. The taker must have at least one foot off the pitch (behind the back-line)

e. No more than three other attacking players must be outside the shooting circle, the two other members of the attacking team must be in the opposite circle (their defending circle) until the ball is played

f. Two defending players should position themselves on the edge of the restricted zone, and they are not permitted to move until the ball has been played. The remaining four defending players must be in the other shooting circle - at the opposite end of the pitch

g. If either of the defending players moves early they shall be verbally warned not to break again. If either player moves early for a second time, that player shall be sent to join their teammates in the circle at the other end of the pitch and only one player shall defend the penalty corner. If the remaining defender moves early again they will be given one final warning. If they move early for a fourth time then they too shall join their colleagues and the corner shall be taken with no defenders present

h. Defending players are not permitted to enter the restricted zone

i. Before any shot at the goal, the ball must first pass outside (beyond) the circle edge

j. If the first shot at goal is a hit, it must not cross the goal-line at above 460mm, (the height of a standard hockey goal back-board) unless it takes a deflection off an attacking or a defending player on the way

k. No shot will be allowed if it is judged as dangerous to other outfield players

l. If the ball passes beyond 5 metres of the circle edge, the penalty corner restrictions (Rules) shall cease to apply.

m. Any penalty corner awarded immediately before half or full time shall be completed n. If the penalty corner breaks down normal play should resume


o   Players should not use the rounded side of the stick (a free hit, or penalty corner if in the defending area, will be awarded) or use the stick in a dangerous or intimidating manner.


Additional Information:



The winning team from each cluster competition will qualify for the School Sport Partnership Final.


Please note: The number of teams that qualify from each ‘cluster’ event will depend on the number of clusters involved. i.e.  2 clusters = top two teams.


The School Sport Partnership Final to be held WEDNESDAY 11 March at The Cooper School from 2.00-5.00pm.


Further Information:

Please contact Mrs. Suzanne Kirkwood, School Sport Coordinator, [email protected]