Warr Cluster Yr 5&6 In2Hockey

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Event description

Warriner Family Under 11 In2 Hockey

Date: Thur 7th MARCH Time: 11.45– 14:45

Venue: TUDOR HALL Independent School 

Teams: 1 team only per school (Awesome) 8 Players 4 Boys and 4 Girls on pitch.


Age Group: Under 11 (Y5&6) 

Teams: min. team of 8 / max. squad of 10

Deadline for Entry:     5th Mar


  • Games will be 8-a-side, no goal keeper.

  • There should be 4 boys and 4 girls playing in outfield positions at all times, Games will be played under England Hockey Mini Hockey rules:

    • Each game will be two halves, with teams changing ends at half-time. The game starts or restarts with a push or hit from the centre spot. Each team must be in their half with the opposing players a minimum of 5m from the ball.

    • A goal is scored when the ball is struck or deflected whilst it is in the scoring area.

    • Players must not intentionally use any part of their body to play the ball. This will result in a free hit to the opposition or a penalty corner if in the defending area.

    • Penalty corners should be taken by one attacker, 10m from either goal post. The ball can be pushed or hit, however a self-pass is not permitted. All other attacking players must be outside the circle. The five defending players must stand behind the backline and at least 5m from the ball. The remaining 2 defenders must be in the shooting circle at the opposite end of the pitch. Before any shot at goal, the ball must come outside the circle edge. If the first shot at goal is a hit it must not cross the goal line above the backboard unless it has taken a deflection off either an attacking/defending player. Any penalty corner before half time or full time must be completed.

    • Players should not use the rounded side of the stick (a free hit, or penalty corner if in the defending area, will be awarded) or use the stick in a dangerous or intimidating manner.

    • Obstruction is not allowed and will result in a free hit or penalty corner if inside the defending area.

Additional Information: 

  • All players must wear shin guards and a mouth guard. It is strongly recommended players also wear padded gloves where possible.

  • Games will be umpired by young sports leaders.

  • Please provide bibs of an alternative colour to your kit to be worn should clash of colours occur.

  • School staff are responsible for the behavior, welfare and safety of their own children and should offer appropriate first aid provision.

  • Photographs may be taken for publicity purposes by North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership; they may appear on our website, on social media or as media releases to local press. Please notify the Event Organiser of any students who are not permitted to have photographs taken.



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Further Information:
Please contact Emma Jackson, School Games Organiser, [email protected]