WPA KS2 and transition rounders

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Event description

Event Intent: To engage children who have not been to a NOSSP event yet this year. To support transition for Y6s who are coming to WPA in September

Entry deadline: 26th June – Lucie

You may enter a team into each category – Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6

Your Y6 team should include Y6s who are feeling anxious about coming to WPA in September, children who are reluctant to take part in physical activity and school sport or children who haven’t attended an event or festival this year.

This is a #Reframed event.  The focus will be on participation and teamwork, there will not be a winning team at the end. 

Teams should consist of 10 players, roughly 5 boys and 5 girls


We will be using tennis rackets and tennis balls to make the games more accessible and enjoyable.

All teams will the following simplified rules –

Batters must stop at the post they are at or running to when the bowler has the ball in the bowling square.

The live batter will score 1 point for reaching 1st post, 2 points for reaching 2nd post, 3 points for reaching 3rd post and 5 points for getting all the way around.

If a batter stops at a post, he/she may run on when the ball is bowled for the next batter. 

If a batter is out, the fielding team score 5 points and the batter joins the back of the queue for another go (they stay in)

You are out if –

They hit the ball and somebody catches it.

They are overtaken at a post

2 no balls in a row = 2 points for the batters

Obstruction = 2 points for the batters