FA High Quality PE Part 2


Event description

Delegates do no need to have attended Part 1 to access Part 2 - the 2 parts simply idenifiy different content. It's absolutely fine to attend Part 2 first, and then follow up with Part 1 next academic year.


Learners need to click on the ‘BOOK NOW’ link in the attached poster which will take them to:

(i)                  sign in, then book onto the course using their FAN number from previous CPD event

(ii)                or

(iii)               register for a FAN number, then book on the course, if they are newcomers.

NOTE: When registering and completing post course feedback, can you ask your colleagues to use  this link  GOV UK SCHOOL URN SEARCH to get their school URN which helps us to track learner establishments easily.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: This will be 12 Noon on Monday 17th June 2024  so that I can review numbers signed up and help with any issues.

As mentioned previously, colleagues can also access our ONLINE WORKSHOPS 'England Football Learning Teacher CPD online offer’ which are certificated separately. All content aligns to our practical workshops and provides an opportunity for an introduction and/or consolidation of learning around practical F2F activities and games.