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Following on from the recent highly successful Sportshall Athletics Festival for gifted and talented children, the Cooper Family Sportshall Athletics programme concluded  on 10 February with a second event which was aimed at less confident children in Years 5 and 6 who do not usually engage in sport and physical activity beyond lesson time.

Children from Glory Farm and Langford Village Schools participated. They completed a circuit of athletic activities in which they learnt and practised each activity before competing against others, individually and as a team. The inclusive nature of this event ensured that children with learning difficulties and less confident children were able to engage in and enjoy the activities.

The event was run by twenty eight Cooper School student sports leaders who once again demonstrated excellent coaching, officiating and organisational skills. The leaders reported personal benefits from their experience; their comments are included at the end of this article.

During the event, the Spirit of the Games value of passion was a key focus area. A child from each team was selected and presented with a special certificate in recognition of their positive attitude and perseverance throughout the festival.

The Cooper Family of Schools is grateful to Steve Flynn (Bicester Athletic Club) for his support at the event and in raising awareness amongst the young athletes of the participation opportunities available to them at their local community club.

“The children were given new opportunities; this was their chance to shine in PE (as sometimes this doesn’t happen within the whole class environment)!” (Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Glory Farm)

“It was lovely to see “shy” children find strengths they didn’t know they had and develop a passion for sport. A fabulous morning of well thought out activities”. (Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Glory Farm)

“A great event, there were lots of smiles on our children’s faces. We look forward to the next one. Thank you”. (Teacher, Langford)

For photographs of the event, please select the following link

 Well done and thank you to the Cooper School Leaders.

“We volunteered because we want to help children improve their sportshall athletics skills and boost their confidence. We have participated in many other sporting events, both as leaders and competitors. As leaders, we have used our confidence, knowledge and good communication skills and, at this event, have developed a strong sense of interacting with the children. We feel we have gained in maturity and confidence. Working with children who haven’t taken part in sportshall athletics before and who are a bit shy was quite challenging. However, they were excellent to work with; they never stopped smiling and really gained in confidence”.  (Holly and Charlotte)

“My experience as a leader has been very enjoyable. I liked meeting the children and seeing them having fun and laughing. I also liked working with my friends as it builds our friendship. I want to inspire the children to get into athletics and for them to see me as a good role model”.   (Joe)

“My experience as a leader has been amazing. I have learned so much about teaching and listening to the younger students. I volunteered because I wanted a new experience and brought organisation and reliability to the role”.  (Dominic)

“Our experience as leaders was very interesting as we learnt new skills from Mrs. Allen, Steve Flynn, Tom Gould and the older leaders. We developed our ability to work in a team and to project our voices. We have really enjoyed this experience and would love to do it again. Thank you for letting us have this opportunity to have fun and work with primary school children”. (Millie and Darci)

“The skills and qualities I bring to leadership events are good communication skills, confidence and good teamwork skills. From this leadership experience I have developed my ability to give advice to children who are struggling. I enjoyed showing the children what to do and explaining all the activities to them. I have seen many people with smiles on their faces and have been told lots of times that children are enjoying their time at our events”.   (Amy)


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