Bicester Family Year 1 Multi-skill festivals

Bicester Family Year 1 Multi-skills Festivals

Over three hundred Year 1 children participated in two Bicester Family multi-skills festivals held at Bicester Leisure Centre on Wednesday 10th February 2016.  Brookside, St. Edburg’s and Southwold Primary Schools took part in the morning event and Kings Meadow, St. Mary’s, Fritwell, Bure Park and Chesterton Primary Schools took part in the afternoon session.

 Teams took part in various relay and skill based activities in a circuit.  These included rugby, tennis, obstacle and beanbag relay and shuttle run, target throw, dribbling and standing long jump.  In both festivals there was plenty of enthusiasm and effort by all children.  The festivals were expertly led by 25 Key Stage 3 Bicester student leaders who showed tremendous energy to keep going throughout the day.

During the festival, the Spirit of the Games value ‘Self Belief’ was a key focus area.  One member from each team was presented with a special certificate to recognise their bravery and confidence in taking on the new activities.   

 Congratulations to all children, young leaders, teachers and additional adults who all contributed to fun and enjoyable festivals. 


 “Great day enjoyed by all, well organised.  Liked the rest breaks.”   (Teacher St. Edburg’s)

“I have had a million trillion amount of fun.” and “I loved balancing the beanbags the best.” (Children Southwold)

“Well organised as always, thanks Mr Mawn.”  (Teacher Brookside)

“We enjoyed all of it as it was such fun.” (Children Brookside)

“Great event.  Thank you very much.  Young leaders were very caring with the little ones.”   (Head Teacher Fritwell)

“The children all enjoyed the games, especially the ball sports.” (Teacher Kings Meadow)

“Well organised and led by high quality leaders.  The event was perfect for 5/6 year olds allowing maximum participation. Thanks again Mr Mawn, it was very enjoyable”    (Teacher Bure Park)

“Well done to all Young leaders.  Great set up and all knew their activity.”           (Teacher St. Mary’s)


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