Cooper Family KS1 Multiskills Festival

The Cooper School hosted a Multiskills Festival for Year 2 and Year1 pupils in March. A total of 120 Year 2 children attended in the morning from Glory Farm, Charlton and Longfield. The afternoon session was attended by Burepark with a total of about 70 children.

The festival started with the Year 8 pupils warming the school groups up on the astro. We then moved into the Sports Hall where all the stations were set up, with the primary school children being divided into 9 teams of about 12 children in each group. The Year 8 children explained and demonstrated the activity. The children then participated, working for 4 minutes trying to complete as many runs as possible in the allocated time. At the end of the 4 minutes the groups moved onto a new activity. Each team’s score was recorded and the team with the highest score at the end received a certificate.

At the end of the first hour there was a break for snacks, drinks and for the Year 8 to set up the next 8 stations. The primary children had the chance of trying a set of new activities for the next hour.

The relay activities consisted of: speed bounce, standing stork, running, ladders, hockey dribble, standing long jump and hurdles to mention but a few.

The teachers had to select 3 girls and 3 boys from their school that showed the school games value of determination and they received a certificate at the end before departing.

At the end of March there was another Multiskills Festival for Year 1 pupils and a total of 225 children attended in the morning and 70 for the afternoon from Glory Farm, Finmere, Fringford, Longfield, Langford and Burepark respectively. The format was the same as for the Year 2 Festival, except that all 17 stations were set up in the morning using the Sports Hall and Performance Hall. Each group started at a station and after 4 minutes moved to the next station. There was a rest station where the groups could have a drink and a snack. The groups worked really well considering that it was a continuous circuit.

There were participation certificates sent out to each school for the pupils and then also winning certificates for each event as well as individual certificates for 3 girls and 3 boys for showing the school games value of self-belief.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the pupils of Cooper School who set up, cleared away and ran each station, scoring and finally handing out certificates.


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