Bicester Family Year 3/4 and 5/6 Quadkids

he Bicester Family Year 3/4 and 5/6 Quadkids Athletics festival for the Primary Schools took place on Wednesday 14th June at The Bicester School. 334 children from Fritwell, Kings Meadow, Southwold, St. Mary’s, Five Acres, Chesterton, Brookside and St Edburgs took part in the festival.

It was a very warm afternoon for competing but it was fantastic to see so many competitors getting involved in sport. The format of the day was based around 4 activities which each year group rotated round to gain a time/ distance which converted into points. The events included: standing Long Jump, Vortex Throw, 50 or 75 metre sprints and finally 400 or 600 metre long distance run. The pupils moved around in a school in their age group. The main noise and excitement came from the track with pupils cheering and encouraging everyone across the line. There was a very high standard of sporting talent on show throughout the afternoon both in the track and field events. It was a very warm afternoon and the pupils and teachers coped very well with the demands of the weather. This festival leaves the results as a mystery as its all to play for to gain the top spot. The points were coming in and it was a very close competition. 

The Year 3/4 competition results were Brookside Primary A team taking the top spot followed by Kings Meadow A who will go on to the finals at Cooper School on the 28th June. The Year 5/6 competition results were Kings Meadow A in 1st place with Chesterton A taking the second spot and qualify for the finals.

During the festival, the Spirit of the Games value of determination was a key focus area and a special certificate was presented to one child from each team in recognition of the high level of sporting behaviour they had shown throughout the event.

Thank you very much to Bicester Athletics club for supporting the event and setting up in the morning and allowing us to borrow their equipment. They had three representatives from the club who arrived and supported starting and timing the track.

44 Bicester School Sports Leaders supported the festival and allowed for the events to run smoothly and record the scores.

Feedback from Teachers:

“Great event, Thank you!” Teacher at Kings Meadow

“Children had so much fun and the leaders were fantastic” Teacher


“Fantastic to see so many children taking part in Athletics” Bicester Athletics Coach


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