Year 1 Multi-skills at BGN

Two hundred and twenty-nine Year 1 children participated in the BGN Family multi-skills festivals held at Blessed George Napier Catholic School on Thursday 22nd March 2018.  The two festivals involved six BGN family Primary Schools including Bishop Loveday, Cropredy, St. John’s and Hardwick attending the morning event and St. Joseph’s and  Orchard Fields taking part in the afternoon festival.

Teams took part in various relay and skill based activities in a circuit.  These included rugby, tennis, obstacle relay, treasure chest, shuttle run, target throw, dribbling and standing long jump.   The activities were expertly planned and delivered by forty-two student leaders from Blessed George Napier, Bishop Loveday, Hardwick, St. Joseph’s and Orchard Fields.   All of student leaders are part of the BGN Family Key Stage 2-3 Leadership Academy. 

During the festival, the Spirit of the Games value ‘Team work’ was a key focus area.  One member from each team was was presented with a special certificate to recognise their positive attitude throughout the festival.  

Congratulations to all children, student leaders, teachers and additional adults who all contributed to two very fun and enjoyable festivals.


Pupils were active quickly.  The format and types of activities worked well.  The leaders were excellent.”   (PE Coordinator at Bishop Loveday)

“I feel happy,” “I understand what I had to do,”  “Stuck in the mud was great” and “”I liked the beanbag games.” (Children at Bishop Loveday)

“The young leaders running the activities were fantastic.  They were very encouraging and the activities were well explained.” (Teacher at St. John’s)

“Very friendly atmosphere, good and clear instructions, our children loved it.” (Teacher at Orchard Fields)

“The young leaders were great.  Confidence grew throughout and they were well briefed with activities.  They were very good at adapting activities depending on groups.” (Teacher at St. Joseph’s)

“We have grown in confidence today.  It felt like we were already a leader at BGN (Year 6 student leaders at St. Joseph’s)

Mr Mawn

School Sport Coordinator



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