Banbury Area Mini Red Tennis 2019

Year 3/4 children from the Banbury Area competed at the Mini Red Tennis Festival on Thursday 2nd May.  The 48 children from Dashwood, Bishop Loveday, Hardwick, Hillview, Hanwell Fields and The Grange all played tie break style matches against equivalent seeds after practising and developing their skills in activities run by 17 Year 9 Wykham Park Young Leaders.

Games won across the seeds were added up to give each school a total.  The winners were The Grange who won an impressive 28 of their games with Hillview very close behind them winning 26 of their matches, Bishop Loveday came 3rd and Hardwick 4th.  Congratulations and good luck to The Grange and Hillview who go on to play at the Partnership Finals on 11th June at Wykham Park Academy.

Lots of the children made fantastic progress throughout the morning and it was great to see the children clearly enjoying playing tennis.  The focus School Games Value was RESPECT which all the children demonstrated throughout the morning.  Well done to the children who received special RESPECT certificates at the end of the festival.  A special mention must go to the children who won all of their matches: Daisy from Hillview; Erland and Joshua from Bishop Loveday and Mark, Mati and Sian from The Grange – well done!

A big thank you to the Wykham Park Young Leaders who did a fantastic job of umpiring and coaching throughout the morning.


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