The Cooper School Cluster Quadkids

On Wednesday, 22 May 7 primary schools headed for The Cooper School athletics track to compete in the YR 3 & 4 and Yr 5 & 6 Quadkids competition. A total of 174 children attended the event. The events that the children competed in were 50m, 400m, standing long jump and howler throw for Yr 3 & 4. The Yr 5 & 6 ran 75m, 600m, standing long jump and howler throw.

The school games value was Respect and the schools selected children who had shown this throughout the morning. The event was run by the yr 7, 8 and Yr 9 Sports leaders, who started and timed the races, measured the standing long jump and the howler throw. The results were all imputed by Izzie, who collated all the results and then spent the next 2 lunch times sorting the results into the computer for me to check later. The sports leaders stayed on in the afternoon to help out with the Bicester School event as well. Steve Flynn from the Bicester Athletics Club was on hand to help the sports leaders run the event and a big thank you goes out to him for helping out with the day.

The results were as follows:

U9 (yr 3 & 4)

1 – Launton Team 1

2 - Longfields

3 - Langford


U11 (yr 5 & 6)

1 - Langford

2 – Longfields

3 – Charlton-on-Otmoor T 1


Individual winners were for

U9 – Liam D (1), Harry J (2) and George L (3) – Boys

          Erin (1),  Olivia NJ (2) and Winnie T (3) - Girls


U11 – Jack G (1), Jacob N (2) and Edward B (3)

           Lily B (1), Violet A (2) and Ellie-May E ( 3)


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