BGN Cluster Virtual Quadkids Athletics

665 children and 28 classes from six schools including Bishop Loveday, Hardwick, Longford Park, Orchard Fields, St. John’s and William Morris took part in the BGN Cluster Virtual Quadkids Athletics during term 1.

The Quadkids format enables children of primary school age to have fun participating in the core disciplines of running, jumping and throwing. All athletes completed a quadrathlon, competing in four events; the sprint over 75 metres or 50 metres, the run over 600 metres, 400 metres or 300 metres, the standing long jump and the tennis ball throw. Results were recorded and totalled to find the best all-round athletes and teams.

Congratulations to all schools taking part and for giving their children the opportunity to develop their personal best within the four events, with many schools also using this as their inter-house competition.

In the Year 5/6 competition 306 participants took part from 13 classes and 5 schools.  Bishop Loveday took top spot with 1175 points, closely followed by St. John’s, 1124pts.  Orchard Fields recorded third place with 960 points, Hardwick 940 points and William Morris 878 points. 

In the Year 3/4 competition 155 participants and 7 classes from 4 schools took part.  William Morris, 970 points, edged out St. John’s, 965 points for top position.  Bishop Loveday recorded 881 points to finish third and Longford Park fourth, 746 points.

The Year 1/2 competition saw 204 participants from 8 classes and four schools take part.  Bishop Loveday, 1249 points, finished as winners.  St. John’s again finished runners-up, 1063 points.  Longford Park, 825 points, edged out William Morris, 800 points to third spot.

The winners and runner-up in each competition will represent the BGN Cluster in the Virtual Partnership finals.  

In addition the five top boy and five girl performers in each competition will represent the BGN Cluster as a dream team.  Congratulations to these highest scorers.


Year 5/6


1st        No. 1    Lucas S                        Bishop Loveday           187pts

2nd        No. 31 Matteo                          St. John’s                    181pts

3rd        No. 2    Jacob H                        Bishop Loveday           176pts

4th        No. 3    Jack D                          Bishop Loveday           171pts

5th        No. 4    Huxley S                      Bishop Loveday           170pts


1st        No. 36 Maddison                    St. John’s                     131pts

2nd        No. 6   Eleanor R                    Bishop Loveday           124pts

3rd        No. 7    Emmee L                     Bishop Loveday           120pts

4th        No. 10  Blanka N                      Hardwick                     118pts

5th        No. 39  Orleigha                      St. John’s                     116pts



Year 3/4


1st        No. 31 Kacper                         William Morris           153pts

2nd        No. 32 Ali D                           William Morris           149pts

3rd        No. 33  Tautydas                      William Morris           140pts

4th        No. 21  Emmanual A               St. John’s                     139pts

5th        No. 34  Sami                            William Morris           134pts


1st        No. 26 Kalina D                       St. John’s                     123pts

2nd        No. 6   Harriet R                     Bishop Loveday           119pts

3rd        No. 27  Daisy W                       St. John’s                     114pts

4th        No. 28  Ruby-Mai                    St. John’s                     109pts

5th        No. 36  Viktoria                       William Morris             108pts


 Year 1/2


1st        No. 1    Sam C                          Bishop Loveday           185pts

2nd        No. 2   Oscar G                       Bishop Loveday           173pts

3rd        No. 3    Louie K                        Bishop Loveday           167pts

4th        No. 21  Alex                             St. John’s                     161pts

5th        No. 4    Parker                         Bishop Loveday           155pts


1st        No. 6    Adeline B                     Bishop Loveday           158pts

2nd        No. 7   Darcy                           Bishop Loveday           141pts

3rd        No. 8    Indy S                           Bishop Loveday           137pts

4th        No. 9    Oki To                          Bishop Loveday           133pts

5th        No. 10  Freya                           Bishop Loveday            128pts



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