St Edburg's travel to Tokyo!


Last term St Edburg’s took part in their own 'Travel to Tokyo' challenge! Their mission was to collectively walk to Tokyo by the end of the term, as a school. The distance from Bicester to Tokyo is approximately 5,947 miles, so each class needed to travel 540 miles by the end of the term. This worked out at 90 miles each week, or around 3 miles per child for a class of 30.

The school has had a new new daily mile track installed which students made use of for the challenge and teachers tracked the mileage weekly, with regular updates on which class had walked the most miles each week, and how far they had travelled as a school team. By the end of term, the collective total of miles walked was 6,274 – a huge effort that would have resulted in a nice swim in the Pacific Ocean to finish!!

PE Lead Miss Butler said “I just wanted to share what a brilliant job the children (and the teachers) did! They were so enthusiastic and their determination was quite frankly staggering - we were all very proud”. 


For any other schools that are keen to run a similar challenge for their students over the final term, please visit for details on how you can be part of the #OxontoTokyo challenge linked to the Get Set Programme.  All schools who have reached Tokyo by the 22nd July will be entered into a prize draw to win £300 worth of sports equipment or a coaching session for their school.


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