BGN Cluster Term 3 and 4 Report


On the return of schools in January, covid restrictions were still very much part of daily life.  With an increase in current cases and transmission rates it was decided to delay the delivery of the sportshall Athletics Programme.  This gave me an opportunity to visit individual schools to develop their Physical Activity, PE, and School Sport offer.  Eight Year 3/4 children from Longford Park and sixteen Year 5/6 children from Hardwick received Playground Leader training.  In addition, I delivered multi-skills lessons to Year 1 and 2 at St. John’s and trained Year 5/6 leaders from Bishop Loveday, St. Joseph’s, and William Morris to deliver activities at the Year 1 multi-skills festival

During the last week of term 3 and throughout term 4, cluster events returned to Blessed George Napier involving 365 children, 30 teams from seven schools including Bishop Loveday, Hardwick, Longford Park, Orchard Fields, St. John’s, St. Joseph’s, and William Morris. In addition, 60 BGN student leaders supported the delivery of the five cluster events. 


Year 1 Multi-skills

78 children from six schools (Bishop Loveday, Hardwick, Longford Park, Orchard Fields, St. John’s, and William Morris) took part in a range of skill-based activities developing agility, balance, coordination, and team building challenges.   In addition, the activities were competently and confidently delivered by Year 7 BGN, Year 6 Bishop Loveday, and William Morris student leaders.


“It was very well organised.  All leaders were clear in their instructions and were able to adapt their activity for individual children.”

“Leaders were very encouraging to all Year 1 children.  Leaders demonstrated and explained activities well.”

“This is the longest playtime ever.” (Child taking part)


Year 5/6 Sports Athletics

80 children from 3 schools (Bishop Loveday, Orchard Fields, and St. Joseph’s) participated in this exciting competition involving relay races on the track and field events.  Twenty-four Year 9 BGN student leaders provided guidance and support for all participating athletes.  Bishop Loveday School won the event and went onto represent the cluster at the Partnership Finals.


“The event was extremely well organised.  The Sport leaders were helpful and supportive”

It was fun, enjoyable, thank you.”


Year 3/4 Football                                                                                                             

64 children and nine teams from three schools took part. (Bishop Loveday, Orchard Fields, and Longford Park.) Teams took part on one of three competitions: boys, girls and mixed.  Ten Year 8 BGN leaders delivered warmups, skill activities and officiated games.           


“Games were organised.  Refereed well and consistently.  All year 8 student leaders were very helpful”

“So many happy, smiley faces from the mixed team.”

“Young leaders were really good at motivating the children and great referees.  They also engaged the players while warming up.”


Year 5/6 Girls’ Football

47 girls and seven teams from four schools took part in a School Games Pathway Competition (Bishop Loveday, Hardwick, St. Joseph’s, and St. John’s.)   In glorious sunshine, the girls played each team in a round robin format with St. John’s Team 1 coming first.  Eight Year 9/10 BGN student leaders delivered warmups and officiated games


“Thanks again for the day, it was great.  We didn’t expect to have so many girls interested, and they all came back to school very enthusiastic about playing again.  They’re already asking if there would be another competition, which is lovely to hear.  Well organised and the teams had a brilliant time.”


“BGN leaders were awesome.  Cheering us on and offering encouragement.” (a comment from a girl taking part)


Year 3/4 Cricket

96 children from 4 schools (Bishop Loveday, Hardwick, Orchard Fields, and St. John’s) took part fun, active, engaging activities and showed plenty of resilience to keep going despite the cold weather. The activities developed their batting, bowling, and fielding skills.  The activities were delivered by three Oxfordshire Cricket coaches, supported by nine Year 8 BGN student leaders. 


“The event was well organised with a good range of activities.  The leaders were polite and kind.” “Loved the activities, really well organised.”

“I proud of myself for trying.”   And “I was out of breath, but I knew I had to keep going.”         (Participants taking part)


Mr Mawn

School Sport Coordinator



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