BGN Cluster Summer Term Report 2023

The BGN Cluster held several events during the summer term including All Star Cricket, Quadkids, Dynamo Cricket, Transition training and Year 3 Multi-Skills. 

571 participants, 52 teams, 12 primary and 85 BGN student leaders were involved. 

On Thursday 4th May 189 Year 1/2 children and 14 teams from eight schools; Bishop Loveday, Cropredy, Hardwick, Longford Park, Orchard Fields, St. John’s, and St. Joseph’s took part in a range of batting, bowling, and fielding activities delivered by 27 Year 8 and 9 BGN Student leaders.  These fun and engaging activities are taken from The All-Star Cricket Programme. 

In beautiful sunshine on Monday 15th May 174 athletes and 18 teams participated in The Year 3/4 and 5/6 Quadkids Competitions.  35 Year 8 and 9 BGN Student leaders ensured all times and measurements were recorded correctly in the four events; sprint (50m/75m), run (400m/600m), standing long jump and vortex throw.  Six schools were represented including Bishop Loveday, Longford Park. Orchard Fields, St. John’s, St. Joseph’s, and St. Mary’s Aston Le Walls.

We had another fantastic day at Banbury Cricket Club for our Cluster Year 5/6 Dynamo Cricket Competitions.  85 children and nine teams from three schools; Bishop Loveday, Orchard Fields and St. Mary’s Aston Le Walls took part on Thursday 8th June.  11 Year 8 and 9 BGN student leaders umpired and scored games with competence and confidence.  They also provided guidance and encouragement for the players throughout the day. 

12 Year 7 BGN student leaders and 12 Year 6 student leaders from Bishop Loveday and St. Joseph’s came together on Monday 12th June to take part in team building activities and plan for the Year 3 Multi-skills festival.  The aim was to build confidence and ease worries about transition for identified Year 6 students.


123 Year 3 children and 10 teams from five schools including -Bishop Loveday, Orchard Fields, St. John’s, St. Joseph’s, and St. Mary’s Aston Le Walls took part in a carousel of activities delivered by Year 7 BGN and Year 6 transition leaders.  It was particularly pleasing to see all student leaders deliver their activities with enthusiasm and their confidence developing as the festival progressed.


In addition to these events, Bishop Loveday took a group of children to take part in The Banbury Area Year 3/4 FAN Festival (Fun, Active and Nurturing) at Wykham Park Academy on Thursday 20th April.  They had an enjoyable morning taking part in photo orienteering.

Bishop Loveday also got the opportunity to compete in The Oxfordshire Dynamo Cricket finals on Thursday 29th June (Year 6 mixed and Year 5/6 Girls) and Thursday 6th July (Year 5 Mixed)

William Morris have been taking part in the boys’ and girls’ Year 5/6 Banbury Football League during this academic year with fixtures taking place after-school.  Congratulations to their girls’ team who finished runners-up, agonising losing the final to Dashwood on penalties on Monday 26th June. 

Finally, during the last couple of weeks of term I had the pleasure to visit schools to support their Early Years and Year 1 Transition Festivals.  Children took part in a carousel of activities delivered by Year 4, 5 and 6 student leaders.    The schools I visited were Orchard Fields, St. John’s, Longford Park, and Bishop Loveday.

To keep update with the latest news and events please follow us on twitter @BgnCluster


Rory Mawn

School Sport Coordinator




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