June 2017

  • Year 3/4 Inclusion Summer Sports Festival

    Released: 29th June 2017

    The inaugural Inclusion Summer Sports festival for the BGN Family of Primary Schools took place on Monday 26th June 2017 at Blessed George Napier Catholic School.  The event was targeted at children…

  • BicesterFOXES offer Free Netball

    Released: 27th June 2017

    Are you looking to play Netball? If you are between School Years 4 and 11 from September 2017 and are interested in playing netball then come along to any or all of our taster…

  • These Girls Can... & Did!

    Released: 27th June 2017

    Move over Leicester City, here is the latest remarkable story of footballing underdogs; and it has unfolded right here in Bicester. Chesterton Primary School, competing against girls’…

  • Oxfordshire Megafest

    Released: 25th June 2017

    On Friday 23rd June Brookside’s change4life club descended upon Stratfield Brake Sports ground, Kidlington for the Oxfordshire Megafest.  Nine other primary schools from across Oxfordshire…

  • Bicester Area Year 3/4 Mini Tennis

    Released: 22nd June 2017

    The Bicester Area Year 3/4 mini tennis Red festival for the Bicester and Copper family of Primary Schools took place on Wednesday 3rd May at Bicester Tennis Club.

  • Bicester Family Year 3/4 and 5/6 Quadkids

    Released: 22nd June 2017

    he Bicester Family Year 3/4 and 5/6 Quadkids Athletics festival for the Primary Schools took place on Wednesday 14th June at The Bicester School. 334 children from Fritwell, Kings Meadow, Southwold,…

  • Cooper Quadkids Athletics

    Released: 20th June 2017

    The annual Year 3 & 4 and Year 5 & 6 Quadkids Athletics took place on the 7 June at The Cooper School. The attending primary schools were Fringford with 6 teams; Glory Farm, Launton and Longfield…

  • Cooper Kwik Cricket Festival 2017

    Released: 20th June 2017

    The Cooper School hosted the Kwik Cricket on the 12 May at BNOCC in Chesterton, where the schools games value was passion. A total of 20 teams from 7 different primary schools attended the event.

  • Banbury Academy Kwik Cricket

    Released: 19th June 2017

    166 children spent the day at Banbury Cricket Club on Thursday 15th July as they participated in the Banbury Academy Cluster Kwik Cricket Festival. It was a jam packed day as 18 teams played a…

  • BGN Family Quadkids Athletics

    Released: 16th June 2017

    BGN Family Quadkids The annual Year 3/4 and 5/6 Quadkids Athletics competitions for the BGN Family of Primary Schools took place on Thursday 15th June at Blessed George Napier…

  • Run, Bicester, Run!

    Released: 16th June 2017

    Following the launch of the Healthy New Towns initiative in Bicester, the Five Acres cluster of schools have been encouraged to think about the activity levels of the children in their schools…

  • Go Grange

    Released: 16th June 2017

      The Grange have recently incorporated a ‘Daily Distance’ into their day.  Classes can go out and complete their 15 minutes at any point of the day in however way they…


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Wykham Park Ac. Y3/4 & Y5/6 Quadkids

159 children competed in the Wykham Park Academy Y3/4 and Y5/6 Quadkids Event on 6th June.  They made up 17 teams from 6 schools (Queensway, Dashwood, St.

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Wykham Park Ac. Y1 Multi Skills Festival

342 Year 1 children from Dashwood. Harriers, Queensway, St. Mary's The Grange, Hillview and Hanwell Fields enjoyed a fun packed morning of multi-skills on 20th June at Wykham Park Academy.  The children rotated around 6 activity stations designed…

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