BGN Family Year 1 Multi-skills

Year 1 Multi-Skills Festival

Over 180 Year 1 children participated in the BGN Family multi-skills festival held at Blessed George Napier Catholic School on Thursday 11th February 2016.  The event involved all six BGN family Primary Schools including Cropredy, Hardwick, Orchard Fields, St. John’s, St. Joseph’s and William Morris. 

Teams took part in various relay and skill based activities in a circuit.  These included rugby, tennis, obstacle and beanbag relay and shuttle run, target throw, dribbling and standing long jump.   The events were expertly led by 22 Year 7 BGN student leaders and 17 Year 5/6 student leaders from Orchard Fields, St. John’s and Dashwood Primary Schools.   All these Young leaders are part of the very first NOSSP transistion Leadership Academy.

During the festival, the Spirit of the Games value ‘Self Belief’ was a key focus area.  One member from each team was was presented with a special certificate to recognise their bravery and confidence in taking on the new activities.   

Congratulations to all children, young leaders, teachers and additional adults who all contributed to a fun and enjoyable festival. 



 “The children really enjoyed the event and the Year 1 children mixed well with other Schools.  The leaders are brilliant, especially the girls from activity 1!  They are teachers in the making; very patient, enthusiastic and encouraging.”       (Teaching Assistant St. John’s)

 “Thanks for organising the multi-skills festival.  Our Year 1s have come back ‘buzzing’, they enjoyed it so much.”   (Teacher St. Joseph’s)

 “The leaders were so helpful and related well to the children.”                  (Teacher St. Joseph’s)

 “Children in my class thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t choose a favorite part. Lydia (young leader) was fantastic! Very enthusiastic and had all children engaged, she definitely deserves a special mention.”  (Teacher Hardwick)

 “Well organised, children really enjoyed this morning.”                         (Teaching Assistant William Morris)

 “There was a good mix and choice of accessible activities.  ”   (Teacher Cropredy)

 “We would love more opportunities like this as the children really enjoy it. Thank you for today.”   (Teacher Orchard Fields)

“It was a fun experience, the Year 1 children showed good listening skills and seemed to have a good time and loved the activities.”   (Jessica BGN Leader)

“It was enjoyable working with the Year 5/6 Primary leaders; we worked well together to give the Year 1 children a great time.  I would definitely like to be involved in leading Primary festivals again.”  (Ben BGN Leader)

“I enjoyed teaching the Year 1 children; they had fun taking part in the activities and hopefully they can also do these back at their School with their teachers.”  (Jasmine BGN Leader)

“The Year 1 children got better at the activities as the festival went on.”  (Emma BGN Leader)



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