Cooper School Yr 5 & 6 Inclusion Festival

On the 8th February, The Cooper School invited primary schools to the Year 5 & 6 Inclusion Sportshall Athletics Festival. Glory Farm, Finmere and Launton Primary School arrived with a total of 28 children. The children were warmed up by the Sports Leaders in preparation for the event. This was followed by a practise session for each group. The children spent 5 minutes at each event practising the skills before moving onto the next event.

After a break of about 10 minutes, the competition took on a serious note with each school trying to beat the previous school’s score. The stations that were set up tested throwing, jumping and running skills. The Standing Long Jump boys’ winners were George and Ed from Finmere with a distance of 1.92m and the winning girl was Leanne from Glory Farm with a distance of 1.54m. All 3 children also won the Chest Push, well done

The Hi-Stepper Relay and Speed Bounce were won by Launton with 29 runs and 62 jumps, respectively. The Over and Under Relay were won by Finmere with a total of 31 runs and they also won the Target Throw, scoring 103 for throwing the bean bag into target discs.

The event was completed by a 1x1 relay, which involved all primary school children being divided into 4 teams and they were joined by the sports leaders. There was lots of shouting and cheering team mates on. It was good to see the comradery between all the children.

The school games value was passion and each teacher representative nominated 2-4 children for their participation during the morning.

The Cooper School Sport Leaders again did a fantastic job of setting up and running all the stations, encouraging, counting, retrieving bean bags and balls to the participants.

Again Steve Flynn was on hand to help with the equipment and setting up the stations, a huge thanks to him. He also spoke to the primary children about the opportunities that are available to them at Bicester Athletics Club.


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