Oxon School Games Sock Fest 2020!

Sadly the Oxfordshire School Games has been cancelled for 2020.

But, to try and retain some of the fun and excitement of the School Games, the Oxfordshire School Games Organisers have created ‘Sock Fest’. Launching on Monday 27th April, Sock Fest will take place throughout the summer term, with a new challenge being posted every fortnight. Alongside a practical sock based activity, there will also be a ‘beyond sport’ activity linked to the School Games Values.

We really hope that young people, school staff and parents will join in with the Sock Fest Fun!

Sock Activity Five

Keepy Ups! How many keepy ups can you do with the palm of your hand in 30 seconds?

Beyond Sport Activity Five

Zoo cam! Take a tour of the zoo and identify animals to recieve the School Games Values awards!

Video links and more information available at https://www.activeoxfordshire.org/school-games/ 


The reource cards for previous challenges are available in the image gallery below, so you can still have a go if you missed them!


78a2b0706d5e4a208e49f237fc5ee3fc.jpg 78a2b0706d5e4a208e49f237fc5ee3fc.jpg


File Added Size
Download Sock Challenge Record Card Sock Challenge Record Card 27/04/2020 216.0 KB
Download Top Trump Template Top Trump Template 30/04/2020 214.3 KB
Download Bucket Throw Certificate Bucket Throw Certificate 11/05/2020 571.1 KB
Download Beyond Sport Certificate Beyond Sport Certificate 11/05/2020 755.1 KB
Download Values Stickers Values Stickers 11/05/2020 425.4 KB
Download Coconut Shy Certificate Coconut Shy Certificate 25/05/2020 570.7 KB
Download Boccia Certificate Boccia Certificate 24/06/2020 570.5 KB
Download Throw Clap Catch Certificate Throw Clap Catch Certificate 24/06/2020 570.9 KB

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  • Emma Jackson

    Emma Jackson

    School Games Organiser

    Telephone: 01295 264216

    Email: [email protected]

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