Primary Young Leaders join Transition Academy

Five Year 5 Dashwood Banbury Academy pupils, from the School Sports Organising Crew (SSOC), joined up with children from partnership schools and Young Leaders from Blessed George Napier Secondary School for an afternoon of leadership training. Working alongside the Year 7 Young Leader role models, our pupils were inspired to develop their own confidence and skills of leading activities. The aim of the training was to build self-belief and leadership skills in order to run a Level 1 multi skills competition back in school. The key skills practised were focused around the importance of demonstration and modelling - being clear in the instructions given and the importance of listening carefully also.

Children applied their knowledge of these key skills on a carousel of multi skill activities, learning new drills and games; adding to their repertoire of Junior Leader leadership and delivery skills. Ellie reflected on the afternoon of training: ‘I really enjoyed learning new activities and working with the older children. I feel confident to teach others now’.

The afternoon equipped the group with a toolkit of ideas to run their own Level 1 competitions in school. Excitingly, we have our Dashwood Banbury Academy buddying afternoon on Monday 8th February with Year 1 pupils, so the group are raring to deliver a Level 1 multi skills competition. This will be a fantastic opportunity for our Aspiration Families to collect points for their Aspiration House. On a larger scale, the leaders will also assist in the running of a partnership multi skills festival at Blessed George Napier on Thursday 12th February.

Annelise Gooch

PE Coordinator, Dashwood Banbury Academy


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